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Bottle feed a goat kid


Goat kid bottle and hand feeding is a special, delightful experience.  Our kids love interacting with visitors and are rather cheeky!  Come and enjoy 'hands on' hand and bottle feeding during our daily Meet the Animals sessions.

Meet the Animals ~ daily at 11am and 2pm. 

An hour's interactive 'hands on' feeding & handling of our farm animals - including piggies, sheep, bottle fed goat kids and the cattle.  Collect freshly laid free range eggs, handle our youngest fowl in the Chick barn.  Daily programme


Our tearoom overlooks the Farmyard where children love playing in the activity areas. 

Grown-ups can enjoy watching their little ones zooming about on pedal tractors or disappearing down a tunnel in the giant Bale Climb.  

lambs ~ chickens ~ cattle ~ goat kids ~ piglets  ... lots of fun on our farm
christmas trees for sale oxford A 5% discount is available for entry tickets purchased from our online shop - please note tickets must be purchased at least 1 day in advance.




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