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School and Group Trips

3 countryside programmes - Farm Animals ~ Horticulture & Aquaponics ~ Green Energy

Farm Animals

'hands on' farm animal handling and feeding workshops.

* Meet the Chicks

* Meet the Animals

* Meet the Fowl

* Trailer Ride (Mar-Oct) or Treasure Hunt


Horticulture and AquaponicsHi, I'm Oliver and I am a co-founder of Smart Greens UK.

I am passionate about fresh fruit and vegetables.  I want the children and grandchildren of my friends and family to eat healthily.

  Learning with us ~ http://www.smart-greens.uk/learning-with-us

Green Energy ~ wind, solar and wood

Farmer Gow's & WeSET (Westmill Sustainable Trust)

Wind, wood and Solar education with a 1/2 day at Farmer Gow's and 1/2 day at Westmill Wind and Solar farm.

If you are interested in farming and the countryside, you'll love a group trip to Farmer Gow's.  




Adults & Children, 3+ yrs

Children, 2 yrs

Children, 0-1 yrs

£6.80   (£5.64 + VAT)

£2       (£1.67 + VAT)

free entry


VAT invoice provided at the end of the trip, with direct payment details

Trip information - including cost, farm animal experiences, optional extras, H&S advice, how to book

Every Trip includes


Planning service



Health & Safety advice


Dedicated group picnic area


Staff led workshops


'free play' in our adventure play areas


Cleaning service

We are environmentally aware.  Please take your picnic rubbish home with you.

Optional extras


Treasure Hunt

a prize for every child - £1.40/child


Pocket money shopping


Goody Bag for every class/group


Free copy of 'Fun at the Farm' (based on 25 children)

Kipper had a fabulous time at FG's



for every child

age appropriate


FG's leaflet

for parents



Trip information

Booking form


at the farm

open daily, 10 am - 5 pm


by telephone

01793 780 555



This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Farmer Gow's, Fernham Road, Longcot, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7PR


Bookings are confirmed by email and include a programme of activities







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