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WATSAN Uganda, UK support

2014 has been a year of considerable achievement on the part of the WATSAN Team in Uganda. Notably we have seen the completion and official handover of our largest ever gravity flow scheme (GFS) to date in Nyarushanje, and the renovation of the 10 year old Karerema GFS, as part of our new emphasis on the sustainability of past works. Between them these two schemes provide water services to a total of 13,500 people. Further phases of projects to benefit school and community at Burema and Nyabiteete have brought these schemes to a conclusion, and work on an extension to Nyarushanje GFS commenced. A six stance lined pit latrine was completed at a senior secondary school in Kyabugashe. Apart from Karerema, sustainability work was undertaken at several other projects, aided by use of a new motor bike purchased to support this aspect of the programme.


Bishop Patrick Tugume commissions Nyarushanje Attendees at the Mbarara Workshop 30m3 rainwater harvesting tank at NyabiteeteView inside lined pit showing full depth and ring beams.Laying of a pipeline at Kabuga HC II before the construction of a double tapstand at this centre      



























During  2014 the Team hosted a number of visitors from Global Partners for Development (GPD), Tearfund, and UWASNET, and participated in several workshops organized by UWASNET, Micah Network, and Tearfund. An internal Workshop was organized in April, attended by Watsan’s Patron, 3 UK Trustees, the 2 Bishops from North Kigezi and Kinkiizi Dioceses, the Ugandan WATSAN management committee, 2 District Water officers of Rukungiri and Kanungu, and WATSAN Staff.  The workshop discussion put great emphasis on sustainability of WATSAN projects, and a decision was made for a full time person to run this programme.  The workshop also reviewed and modified the Programme mottos, core values, mission and vision to guide the operation of the programme, details below.


The UK Trustees, who met as usual twice during the year, have continued to keep a close eye on management and financing of the projects, as well as fund raising strategy. A third “Walk for Water" is planned for the weekend of June 19th. – 21st. 2015, in the Shropshire Hills, based at Wilderhope Manor. Our Patron, Bishop Andrew Watson, accompanied by Graham Piper, and Ian & Ellie Bensted toured WATSAN projects in April 2014. The Workshop in which they participated was a major feature of the tour, along with visits to the schemes under construction. Bishop Andrew inspired the conference with his talks on the leadership example of Christ - “Come to Me Leadership”, “Follow Me Leadership”, “Wait for Me Leadership” and “Go for Me Leadership”. One product of the Workshop was a thorough review of the principles which WATSAN seeks to uphold, resulting in the following statements:


Values: NKKD WATSAN believes that accessible safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene education should be available to all, and seeks to embody the Christian values of compassion, fairness, integrity and trustworthiness. We seek to work in partnership for the common good, and to lead by the example of Christ.


Mission: NKKD WATSAN works in partnership with other stakeholders in the improvement of health, alleviation of poverty, and promotion of social and economic development in the Rukungiri and Kanungu districts of South West Uganda, through integrated, comprehensive and sustainable initiatives, focussed on the improvement of water supplies, sanitation facilities and safe hygiene practices.


Vision: NKKD WATSAN strives to transform the poorest communities through the accessible provision of safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene education, setting the highest standards in transparency, sustainability and working in partnership.


Other topics discussed in plenary sessions and groups included Project and Employment strategy, Partnership, Sustainability, Personnel management, Programme management, Local initiative and Vehicles. The participation of a senior government official from the Directorate of Water Development in Kampala and our two local district water engineers was much appreciated. A Commmuniqué with Conference Recommendations is available on request.


Nyarushanje Gravity Flow Scheme (GFS)

With funding from Tearfund, WATSAN completed work on this scheme during 2014, including a technically demanding renovation of the Rubirizi water supply line.  This involved spring protection, tank and pipeline construction in a ravine, high in the Kigezi hills. Divided into three phases, Nyarushanje GFS will eventually serve up to 11,500 beneficiaries, including two primary schools, two secondary schools, and a polytechnic. A number of impressive testimonials were collected during the commissioning ceremony, and are available as a separate note. We are grateful to TearFund for their strong support for this project over several years



Phase II of this scheme, consisting of a 6 stance ViP latrine, a second 30m3 Ferro cement tank, and a tapstand in the school grounds, was completed this year.

The scheme as a whole serves over 1000 people, including pupils and staff at the school. Associated health, hygiene and maintenance training activities were carried out both in the school and in the neighbouring community, who benefit from a spring protection completed in Phase I.



Phase II of this scheme, including the reconstruction of a community spring to serve the nearby Kyeijanga trading centre and the repair of a seepage well, was completed this year.

The scheme serves a secondary school with 360 pupils and staff, and the local community of nearly 1000 people. This scheme again included education and training carried out in the community, with the underlying objective of promoting sustainablity.



Many existing pit latrines, constructed by others at this senior secondary school had collapsed within the first year due to loose and collapsing soils. A donation from the Friends of North Kigezi Diocese, supported by Hythe Rotary, enabled WATSAN to construct a 25 ft. deep pit latrine founded on a concrete base constructed at the full depth, and lined with brick and reinforced with concrete beams at depths of 11 ft. and 18 ft. below ground level. This is a major achievement of which the Team are justifiably proud!   



Earlier in the year the Team carried out renovation work on tapstands supplying water to the communities at Karerema GFS where half of the 16 tapstands had failed due to corrosion of the connecting pipework. This and other sustainability work during this year has been enabled by a generous gift from Lady Sheila Houghton assisted by her volunteers. In November and December the WATSAN Team was engaged in carrying out sustainability activities at Karinoni GFS, Nyakagyeme GFS and Kahama GFS, and on rainwater harvesting and sanitation improvement projects including: Kinyasano Hill, Burembo, and on Ruhega Low Yield Spring. This largely consisted of repair of broken tapstands, and leakages along distribution lines, together with revitalizing O&M committees. 


Looking forward

International funding, coordinated by Bishop’s Waltham Rotary Club, delayed from 2014, is now expected in time to allow the project at Kinyasano High School in Rukungiri, where the present water supply situation is particularly dire, to proceed midyear. Donations by Lady Sheila Houghton and the Mary Wood Trust will enable a similar scheme at Nyakabungo School in Kanungu also to go ahead. The Team also have the extension of Nyarushanje GFS to complete, and two projects to provide water services at Compassion International orphanages.





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