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Firewood deliveries to Appleton, Boars Hill, Botley, Cumnor and Eaton 

We would appreciate your order through our online shop - which collects all the information we need to maintain a prompt delivery service. 

Please add in 'Comments' any information which will assist our drivers to find your home, such as local directions &/or description of your house if it has a name, not a number.  Order Firewood.

We deliver our seasoned hardwood firewood to Appleton, Botley, Cumnor, Eaton and Boars Hill, Sunday - Thursday.  Other days by arrangement.

  • Appleton, Eaton and Cumnor villages - free of charge
  • Botley and Boars Hill - £5 

Quality - seasoned hardwood logs and kindling are the best quality firewood.  Our firewood is suitable for open fires & wood burning stoves, creating very little soot in your chimney.  Hardwood logs are a 'green' fuel. 

Firewood loads and bags may be delivered to your door.  Firewood bags are also available daily from the farm shop.

Firewood Bags

Available in the farm shop

Delivered ~ minimum bag order of £70

Complimentary delivery to ~ Appleton, Besselsleigh, Eaton, Cumnor, Tubney. 

£5 delivery to Botley and Boars Hill.



  • Medium - £7.15
  • Large - £12.05
  • Small - £4.40
  • Large - £14.35

Starter pack

  • Small logs & kindling, firelighters and matches - for 2 fires - £4.40

Firewood Loads

Free delivery to Appleton, Eaton and Cumnor. 

£5 delviery to Botley and Boars Hill.

Longer length logs also available - the number of logs is adjusted to provide you with the equivalent volume of wood.


200 logs - £93.60
6-8" in length, mixed diameter (that's the number of logs which roughly fit into a builder's dumpy bag of about 0.75m3).

Price comparison ~ Logs for All - £115.50, S H Forestry - £95

400 logs - £176.80 (about 2 dumpy bags of logs)

6-8" length, mixed diameter

Price comparison ~ S H Forestry - £180

600 logs - £260 (about 3 dumpy bags of logs)
6-8" in length, mixed diameter
800 logs - £348.40 (about 4 dumpy bags of logs).
6-8" in length, mixed diameter

Firewood Deliveries to Appleton, Boars Hill, Botley, Cumnor and Eaton

  • Sunday - Thursday.  Other days by arrangement
  • Pre-book - if you want a particular date
  • Stacking - charged by the load size - please let us know if we need to bring a wheelbarrow

Ordering Firewood

  • Online - we will process your payment once we've confirmed a delivery date
  • Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Tel - 01793 780 555

What makes our firewood so good?

Hardwood only




Ash, Beech, Cherry, Hazel, Oak, Sycamore - please see 'Do you know your firewoods?' below

* burns hotter and slower than mixed or soft woods

* maximum heat, therefore minimal carrying!

* very clean - almost no ash

Barn stored

Ensuring a dry log is delivered to your home

Environmentally sensitive





Our firewood is sourced from local ancient woodlands, managed to enhance their biodiversity - for hundreds and hundreds of years
We spend ~
* Winter months felling/thinning
* Spring months transferring to the farm
* Summer and Autumn processing
So we can deliver to you all year round!

Nigel Fisher, Conservator of Wytham Woods

'During the winter, Farmer Gow's have been assisting Oxford University at Wytham Woods. 

A programme of thinning of plantations has been underway to improve the nature conservation value of the site.

The hardwood thinnings then being utilisied for the local firewood market.   


Do you know your firewoods?


Ash the most sought-after firewood. Rapid burning even when freshly felled. Emits a great amount of heat. Particularly valuable for fire lighting. Splits easily.
Elm makes a pleasant and long-lasting fire when partially seasoned
Hazel well known for its value as firewood. Much sought after
Oak hard to beat for lasting properties and amount of heat produced but difficult to light.
Sycamore considerable heating properties.
Wild Cherry difficult to start but once alight lasts long and gives a fierce heat. Best when old and partially seasoned
Conifers generally inclined to spark with no great heat value. Best in wood burning stoves. Sold as kindling but NOT at Farmer Gow’s – NO SOFTWOODS!

Seasoned hardwood logs - Ash, Beech, Cherry, Hazel, Oak, & Sycamore.  Firewood direct from ancient woodlands in Oxfordshir.   Conservation on your doorstep.

We provide complimentary delivery to Appleton, Eaton and Cumnor.  A small delivery charge of  £5 for deliveries to Botley and Boars Hill.


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