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Health & Safety
We have an exemplary Health and Safety record.  Looking after the health and well being of all our visitors is a very high priority.  We will look after you on visit day, with experienced staff leading all the animal contact activities.
Useful information

Planning your trip
Use our School Trips brochure, it includes lots of useful advice, based on over 16 years of welcoming School Trips.
You are welcome to make a complimentary pre-visit.  This is particularly useful for trip organisers who have not previously visited Farmer Gow's.  A member of staff will show you around the farm and answer any questions.

Hand washing






Hand washing is key to a safe and enjoyable trip - we've excellent washroom facilities, plenty of sinks for hand washing.  Your visit programme includes time for hand washing after farm animal handling and feeding and before lunch.

'Hands free' ~ toilet flushing, soap dispenser, tap water.

You might find these documents useful ~

Grim Squad - example certificate


Other advice




Advice to Teacher and Others who organise visits for children

Avoiding infecton of farm visits ~ this one is great for adult helpers (teaching assistants, carers & parents)

Information sheet - Cryptosporidium 

Information sheet - Ecoli 0157 

RA - example - Infection




If any of your children or adult helpers have any allergies, please see the animal feed compositions below.  We recommend gloves or other cover to enable all your group to participate, rather than having a child miss out on some amazing experiences ~

Goats     Sheep & Cattle     Pigs     Chickens     Turkeys, Ducks & Geese

Farmer Gow's is first for a safe but hugely educational school trip, servicing schools across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Swindon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.



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